Bonnie Lass Brown Ale

Bonnie Lass Brown Ale
This Craft Beer Recipe Kit has all the ingredients that you need to make delicious craft beer at home. It includes fresh hops, premium yeast and quality malted grain.

I think that a good Brown Ale and Morag (the Highland cow) have a lot in common: they're big, they're brown, and they're not afraid to express themselves! This beer is really all about the malt profile, and although there is depth of flavour, it isn't overwhelming; the mild chocolate and biscuity base flavours, with toasty layers on top, actually produce a very approachable, easy-drinking beer. Classic English style hops are also used in this beer contributing a subtle earthy/woody flavour and aroma. **NOW INCLUDES BEER LABELS**

Colour -
Bitterness -
Aroma - Caramel and toasty/earthy
ABV - Approx. 4.0%
Recipe Kit Size - 4 Litres (8x500ml)

Kit Includes:
  • All-Grain Malt Recipe Kit (Milled)
  • Premium Dry Yeast (Craft Series)
  • English Hops (Vacuum-Sealed)
  • x2 No-Rinse Sterilising Tablets
  • x8 Beer Labels
  • Instructions