Bottoms Up IPA

Bottoms Up IPA
This Craft Beer Recipe Kit has all the ingredients that you need to make delicious craft beer at home. It includes fresh hops, premium yeast and quality malted grain.

Friends of Brew Craft Beer refer to this beer as, "that IPA", usually along the lines of, "Do you have any more of that IPA?!" First of all, it's hard not to be enticed by this beer's floral and tropical aromas with passion fruit and orange being the most noticeable. The flavour then delivers with bursts of fruity, citrus hoppiness with grapefruit and orange bitterness present in every sip. The bitterness is firm rather than overpowering, and a sweet biscuity maltiness helps to bring balance to this excellent IPA. **NOW INCLUDES BEER LABELS**

Colour -
Bitterness -
Aroma - Tropical and citrusy
ABV - Approx. 6.3%
Recipe Kit Size - 4 Litres (8x500ml)

Kit Includes:
  • All-Grain Malt Recipe Kit (Milled)
  • Premium Dry Yeast (Craft Series)
  • American Hops (Vacuum-Sealed)
  • x2 No-Rinse Sterilising Tablets
  • x8 Beer Labels
  • Instructions