Deluxe IPA

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Deluxe IPA
The aim of this IPA is to stuff as much citrusy, tropical, hoppy goodness into your glass as possible while keeping it incredibly easy to drink. The body is balanced which results in a fresh, hoppy beer without overpowering maltiness or high ABV.

The "dry hop" stage at the end of the brewing process provides an intense hit of floral, grapefruity aromas upon pouring this gorgeous, coppery beer.

This is Deluxe IPA.

Colour -

Bitterness -
Aroma – Tropical/Citrusy/Floral
ABV - Approx. 6.5%
Makes - 4 Litres (8 pints)

Kit Includes:
  • All-Grain Malt Recipe Kit (Milled)
  • Premium Dry Yeast (Craft Series M-44)
  • American Hops (Vacuum-Sealed)
  • x8 Limited Edition Beer Labels
  • x8 Brew Deluxe Bottle Caps
  • x2 No-Rinse Sterilising Tablets
  • Instructions