How To Brew

There are four main ingredients needed to make beer:

Brewing videos and instructions:

Your Craft Beer Starter Kit has all the brewing equipment and ingredients that you need to make delicious craft beer at home. You will need a few additional household items for your brew, but don't worry, they are pretty easy to find:

- A 6L pot for the "Mash" stage, a 4L pot for the "Sparge" stage, and an 8L pot for the "Boil" stage (x3 pots total).

- A large sieve or a colander with small holes

- A funnel (a good alternative to buying a funnel is to cut the top off a large plastic water bottle and remove the cap)

- Bottles (we encourage you to clean and reuse bottles; a capper can be purchased HERE)

You will also need a free afternoon as your first brew day will take around 3 hours from start to finish. Lastly, and most importantly, you must have a few nice beers to sip while you're learning how to become a master brewer. (DISCLAIMER: This may not actually be required, but I find that it certainly helps me!)