Papa Hopton's American Pale Ale

Papa Hopton's American Pale Ale
This Craft Beer Starter Kit has all the brewing equipment and ingredients needed to make small batches of delicious craft beer at home. It includes a Papa Hopton's American Pale Ale recipe kit.

Papa Hopton's is modelled on the granddaddy of American craft beer, the Pale Ale. This style of beer should have a light, crisp maltiness complemented by a lovely, zesty bitterness and fruity/floral aroma provided by classic American hop varieties. We're confident that all the boxes have been ticked with this one!

Colour -
Bitterness -
Aroma - Citrusy and slightly floral
ABV - Approx. 5.1%
Makes - 4 Litres (8x500ml)

Kit Includes:
  • Syphon (+ Racking Cane and Flow Clamp)
  • Three-Piece Airlock
  • Rubber Bung
  • Glass Thermometer
  • 5 Litre Demijohn (+ LCD Thermometer)
  • All-Grain Malt Recipe Kit (Milled)
  • Premium Dry Yeast (Craft Series)
  • American Hops (Vacuum-Sealed)
  • x2 No-Rinse Sterilising Tablets
  • x8 Beer Labels
  • Instructions